Lectures, studio projects, site visits, and bbq Fridays

Final Project

Aspiring Architect

I did not realize this as I was building the model, but the project defined the career that I want to pursue - I want to design as an architect, but I also want to do further studies to strengthen my knowledge in structural engineering and construction.

2018 Architecture Career Workshop, CalPoly San Luis Obispo

For four weeks, I lived in a dorm, and experienced being an architecture student.   

We went to the beach, hiked the mountain, walked to the farmers' market, participated in lectures, visited architecture firms, and went to the pool.

My best memory was sitting in lectures, learning more about the mindset of an architect, and how architects work together to empower the world with their designs.  I feel fortunate to experience the dynamics of working in a team to produce great designs.

Elegance - was my music project.  We were given soundtrack of songs and we had to create an abstract design based on our response to the songs.

Lights - using common materials, we learned to bend the light to produce effects in a space.

Cityscape - our team created a city using multiple layers to convey the design of a complex city.

and much more....

four weeks of fun, creativity, and great friends !!!

I came across this program when I was too young to participate.   I am fifteen this summer, the minimum age requirement.  It was an intense experience and without realizing it, I had decided my career path before the four weeks was over.  I will always cherish my summer at CalPoly and will always remember my professors, TA's, and RA's.

For our final project, we built a site - a model of a community and each student was assigned a lot to build a structure.  Seventy models were built on the site.

I focused on the structural aspect of my design.  I wanted my model to have the structural strength and to complement the site it was built on.

I wanted to show the layers of material for flooring.  For the exterior, I layered chick board on top of bristol paper to camouflage the home so that the exterior blends with the environment.   The interior transforms to a modern space, a 2 level home with plenty of open space and huge windows.

Well, that was the concept at least, but 3 days and 2 nights were not enough to finish the aesthetics.  I am very proud of my structure.  My site was on the side of the hill but I  was able to support my model using applicator sticks to make the home structurally sound.  

College bound

I decided to graduate after 11th grade.  I am starting college in the fall of 2019.  I will post updates soon....