Design and Build



This was a different experience from the ACM project.  I was able to experiment with interior design.  I learned sewing skills for the first time.  I used fabrics to create the sofa, pillows and blanket (I had help).  It was a fun experience learning to use all the different elements that go into designing a living space which takes more thinking and redesigning because it is a smaller space than an office building.  I had to think about how one would walk and feel the space from one room to the next.

I learned to use the sketch up software this summer.  

Check out the 3D Models: 3D Living Room ,  3D Kitchen, and  3D Bedroom.

My Space Project, June 2017 

Behind the elevator is a secret door that leads to the loft's kitchen.  Inside the secret door is a barn door to transition the space from office to home.  

Kitchen:  I wanted a big modern island for cooking and dining.  Because the L-shaped kitchen is located in the front of the loft, only one side has cabinets and other side is concealed by frosted glass.  I love the unique shape of the island where I can see the rest of the space. 

The balcony had to blend with the rest of the building.   I used the same stainless steel for the railings and made it simple.  The balcony provides an open space but built inside the floor area to keep it obscured from the outside.  It was also a good way to use the extra space.

In the living room I only needed a comfortable seating area for relaxing after a long day of work.  There are furniture to hold few decorations and my favorite books.

I splurge in the bathroom.  There is a huge shower and tub.  

In the bedroom, there are two doors on each side of the bed that lead to the closet space.  The bedroom also has a barn door that connects to the laundry room.  There is a secret door from the laundry to the office.

Design and build took 3 weekends.  This time, I had better measurements and I designed the floorplan and the entire space before starting to build.  I found this material that looked like a really modern countertop.  That was the design inspiration. From there, all the materials that I chose was to either complement or highlight this material.  

My Space Project    is a continuation of the ACM Project.

In designing the loft, I wanted to have an open concept for a one bedroom space.  It had to be concealed from the office space and the exterior had to blend with the rest of the building.

I learned to use the sketch up software this summer.   3D Models: 3D Living Room ,  3D Kitchen, and  3D Bedroom.

From last year's project, I was left with an L-shaped space to work with.  

The challenge was to create a free flowing layout.  It was resolved by one question: How do I bring in my groceries?  The kitchen had to be in the front.  Sounds cliche' but again, the other pieces fell into place.  Another challenge was the powder room - I would not want to walk to the other end to use the powder room.  I designed it in the middle to make it accessible from both sides of the loft. 

The hidden entry from the office area was also a challenge, but after a few versions of the bedroom I was able to create an entry to the laundry to provide more separation from the office area.