What an awesome week!  The week went by so fast, and my only complain is that it was too short.  I wish there was more time for lectures, learning to sketch, and more time to build.  I felt like I was a college student.  The workshops were taught by architects at the School of Architecture, with support from architecture students.  The experience gave me the confidence to create a model of a building, "The ACM Project".

The string exercise inspired me to build a spiral staircase.  I imagined a staircase held together by strings.  It was too ambitious for the time that I had to build, I'll save that for future projects.  The lectures gave me ideas and design elements to incorporate in my designs.  I chose to build a two-story house with a simple spiral staircase.  The open layout allows the owner to see  this staircase from anywhere in the first level of the house.  I use symmetry and composition in this design.  I wish I had more time to make this better.

College of Architecture Planning & Landscape Planning

2016 Camp Architecture at University of Arizona 

We toured interesting sites at the University.  We created perspective drawings, copied art pieces at the museum, and learned to draw by hand and using a computer software.  

We learned to design and build ...

observe and draw ...

and experience different materials

We created a rocket stove by welding metals together (that's me with the torch).   We experienced the limits of real materials by building a structure and tested the force applied to them.  We measured the efficiency by studying the weight to strenght ratio.  I now appreciate my Physics at BASIS.  

Thank You University of Arizona for a very inspiring week!