This spring, I took my first drafting class at Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.   It was a condensed version of a drafting class in college.  We were given limited supplies and we had to design a space, make a model and floorplan of our design.  We presented our design.  Teachers and peers critiqued our work. 

In the summer, I chose "Design Your Dream Space" camp.  The class was bigger and I enjoyed interacting with other aspiring architects from different states.  We learned about drawing to scale to draw a floor plan for a small personal living space (our own design).  We constructed a 3-D model of our design including doors, windows, and unique furnishings.  We presented our designs to teachers and parents. 

Taliesin West is a very inspiring and tranquil place.   It was an awesome experience to see the work space of  'real' architects.  I can't wait to have my own drafting table.

2015:  Spring and Summer Camps at Frank Lloyd Wright